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About me

Whould you like to find out some things about me? I love cooking since I was a toddler. Mum has been telling me off for the mess I‘ve used to make while I was in the kitchen. She hasn‘t been very impressed with that. Even though I was clearing up after myself, but obvious not up to mum‘s standarts. I have left my passion for cooking for that reason for a while, but it remained hidden passion. I love cooking, experimenting and trying different dishes in restaurants. Why restaurants? Because cooking is an art, and every passionate chef is the artist. Actually we all do little miracles in our kitchens. Each mother, grandma or father or grandpa is the greatest creator. What is your favorite dish from your childhood? Do you remember?

Recipes from the good old days

Why “Kayla Magazine”, not Kayla’s kitchen, cuisine or similar? My grandma had a magazine subscription these days. I used to go through its pages and have always found tasty recipes. You definitely know all those beautiful photos in the magazines. I‘ve just had to try everything. I have made a lemon cake in my teenage years while visiting my grandma during holidays. I can still taste it. The cream was so mellow melting in my mouth… or cream sweets, banana butter. These tasty memories were torturing me. You won’t believe me,  I saved all my childhood recipes in a scrapbook and made these recipes again. Day by day I will share all of them with you in my food magazine.

Love for cooking and nature is my key to health and happyness

Do you know the greatest secret? I always cook with love and passion. Plus I use eggs from my grandma‘s farm. Apples, pears, plums, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs that are grown in my garden. I buy only organic produce from the farmers, seeds from local farms, and only cold-pressed oils.

My homemade food is way healthier, so I’m teaching my kids that. Home cooked food is always the best. You would never find such taste in the store, as making it at home and using best ingredients. You can‘t get such fresh food.

These dishes are not just healthy, but also tasty. Have you ever tried cold-pressed oil? Organic food goes off much quicker than chemically treated fruits and vegetables, but when the dish is tasty, there are no leftovers. We eat all at once. Food should be like that: healthy, tasty, grown naturally, not treated with chemicals and giving us lots of energy.

Why do I cook at home

Cooking makes me happy. I feel joy after a successful dish. It is not always such a case. Don‘t be afraid to fail. Sometimes it takes me five, six attempts to succed in making the dish the way I want. After that I stuck, as I just want to repeat it again and again as it is so tasty. The best bonus is my kids emotions “Mmm, how tasty. You are the best chef! Where did you learn to cook so good?“ That makes my heart sing. Every action performed with love and passion always pays off.

I have always tried gourmet foods with various tastes. Now I am obliged to cook every day as I have my own kitchen and three mean critics in my house.  As all the moms do. Next, I invite you to explore my food habits.

About my nutrition

I don‘t eat meat since childhood. Just didn’t find it tasty. My great grandma was the best cook. No one comes even close to her cooking. Her secret was love. You could smell it from a mile. I have taste in my mouth even now. I had to taste roast duck or chicken with apples, because the smell was divine. Even though I am not a meat eater. Pancaked, scrambled eggs, soups, cookies. She spoilt me often and used to say: „My dear child, you won‘t have energy if you won‘t eat meat“. But she was wrong. I am strong and full of energy. I used to think how do cows, pigs, chickens are keeping alive? They are not meat eaters. My blood results are great and I am healthy. I feel better than ever.

What the heck are these vegans?

I have never thought what is behind a word „vegan“. I thought „What a strange and difficult word. Who are these vegans, what do they do, how do they live?“. After doing a research I‘ve understood I am vegan. But it is not difficult. What do I eat? Everything in the store, except meat. My diet is tasty, nutritious, lively like the rainbow colours.

My personal trainer gave me a diet plan. He instructed me to eat egg whites and unsalted boiled chicken breast. Can you imagine the taste… hmmm… There was no taste at all. All plants have different tastes. They can be raw, boiled, roasted, fried or mixed. They will always be tasty. For a man who loves flavors, to taste is the best food.

My path towards healthy lifestyle

I‘ve had lots of challenges in my life, in a bad way. My body was exhausted due to trauma. I had to take lots of medications. That caused me even more health problems. I‘ve felt every bite of food I eated. The pain was killing me. After couple of years I completed a 30-day water only fast. Things got better after that. Now I eat 90% of raw food. I‘m having sneaky treats during weekends or birthdays. I do cheat days if I want. In the end, I learned how to pick a good food. I like to feel good, energetic, be in a good mood and to feel like a giant. Does the diet affect this? Without a doubt.

Listening to my body

I learned how to feel myself, to feel my body talk. How do I feel after trying one or another food. What my body says? Do I want to climb a mountain or do I want to be a couch potato and sleepy? Food should give us energy. People should not consume grocery grown on pesticides or made using chemicals, parabens, E‘s, etc.

Food = energy

We feel lethargic after eating such meals, because your body has to absorb, clean it. Food should give us energy. Organs are too busy fighting toxins, hence it uses lots of our energy. That is the reason we feel tired after a meal. I try to choose organic fruits and vegetables wherever it‘s possible. Here, I will be sharing all the recipes with you in my food magazine. I don‘t limit myself and don‘t belong to any cliché. Besides, I don’t call myself vegetarian, vegan or anything else. I am a gourmand and I love cooking, exploring in a kitchen. If I want I can try meat or milk products. It happens once or twice a year. I eat vegetables and seeds mainly. Hope you will find recipes to your taste for your healthy lifestyle, holidays and everyday use. That’s it about me. I’m inviting you to take a look at my kitchen and try my new recipies. Thanks for stopping by.

Love you


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