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I created Kayla Magazine with love and gratitude. Think of me as a really good friend. I feel you – You’re cool, confident, clever, beautiful, free and happy. Be you, reveal yourself, grow your self-confidence and feel great every day! After all, the most beautiful women are happy women! Kayla’s Magazine is on the mission to inspire women to explore, to know themselves and to celebrate life in full.

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I‘m in love with life, knowing different places and people, tasting food from different cultures, exploring styles, colors and decor. Traveling around the world is my biggest passion. My family is the most important thing to me, but I‘m a world‘s kid, open-hearted to everyone. Welcome to my magazine. Let’s travel and have a wonderful time together. We talk about travel, family, home, style, health, food, sport, and much more on Kayla Magazine.

When I‘m in nature I‘m the happiest. I love the oceans, the mountains, the wind and the best weather for me is when it rains, because I love rain. The sunrises and the sunsets and all the earth‘s wonderful creatures. The places I traveled and nature I have yet to see. The nature that will never be seen by anyone. Nature‘s great wonders and waterfalls, canyons and lakes. Let‘s all be mindful to try and reduce our carbon emissions, use of plastic, and upcycle our belongings. I try not to buy new clothes, furniture, but reuse the old ones. Think of what you can do to help our planet.

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Kayla Magazine welcomes emerging brands, established labels, independent fashion and beauty professionals to share their stories with the magazine’s audience. Writers are also invited to submit their written works to be published on the magazine’s blog. For more information please visit Contact page.

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