6 Homemade Jam Recipes

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Homemade Jam recipes. Stocks prepared in summer and autumn are usually remembered in winter. The taste of our own homemade products is always the best it can be. Here are some ideas for making jam:

• Main rule: 35 oz (1 kg) of berries require about (1 kg)5 cups of sugar. Take a pot, add sugar, 1 glass of water and boil until it turns into a thick syrup, then add berries and boil a little bit more.

• If you want to make a gourmet jam – add ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla or other favorite spices.

• It is important to know when jam is ready: you should finish when the berries are not floating on the surface. The syrup should be clear, thick and dark.

• If you have a thermometer, you can find out if jam is ready. At a temperature of 106.5 C/1949F, jam is ready and you can pour it into the sterilized jars.
• Before cooking: wash all glass jars with baking soda. Each jar’s lid should be cleaned using an alcohol-soaked cotton pad. Do not use caps until they are dry.
• After pouring the jam and screwing on lids, turn jars upside down for a while.

Homemade Jam Recipes

homemade jam recipes


Black currant jam recipe

If you are growing a black currant bush in your garden and you have not eaten all the berries and don’t have a dryer yet, this recipe is just for you.


1 liter black currant juices

5 cups (1 kg) sugar

1/2 glass of water


Wash, drain and place the berries in a pot, add water and boil it for a few minutes. Smash the softened berries with a wooden spoon to drain the juice. Squeeze using a clean linen cloth. Pour juice into a pot, add sugar and cook on low heat for 45 minutes. Pour it into sterilized jars, seal and label.

homemade jam recipesApple jam recipe


176 oz (5 kg) apples

7 cups (1.5 kg) cane sugar,

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

peel of the orange


Peel apples, remove seeds, cut each apple into 8 slices, place in a bowl, add sugar and leave for 12 hours or overnight. The next day grab half of the apple slices with a strainer and boil the others on a medium heat, stirring occasionally. After 15 minutes, add the previously removed slices, peel of the orange, and cook on low heat for another 15 minutes. Add the cinnamon, mix well and pour apple jam into sterilized dry jars, seal and label.

Everyone loves this apple jam. It matches well with many dishes. It’s best if you use organic orange peel. If you don’t have one, add a little more cinnamon instead.

homemade jam recipes

Cherry jam recipe


35 oz (1 kg) cherries

5 cups (1 kg) cane sugar


Wash cherries, remove pits, place in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar, then leave overnight. The next day cook over low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 25 minutes. Carefully ladle the hot mixture into sterilized jars, seal and label.


Image by nafeti_art from Pixabay

Spiced pear jam recipe


35 oz (1 kg) barely ripe pears

1 + 1/3 cups (300 g) cane sugar

2-3 limes

vanilla pod

5 cloves

 1 teaspoon ginger

2 tablespoons fresh chopped thyme


Start by peeling and coring the pears, then coarsely chop the fruit. Squeeze limes and add juice to the bowl with pears. Take a saucepan, add a glass of water, bring to a boil, add pears and simmer covered for 10 minutes until softened. Add sugar, spices and cook over low heat until water evaporates. Carefully pour the hot mixture into sterilized jars, seal and label.


Image by Hans Benn from Pixabay

Rowan jam recipe


35 oz (1 kg) rowan berries

2 + 1/4 cups (500 g) brown sugar

 1 glass of water 

few barely ripe apples and pears


Pour the rowan berries with boiling water and leave everything for 15 minutes. If berries were collected after the first frosts – it is enough to wash it. Pour water and sugar into the pot and cook until you obtain the syrup. Peel the apples and pears, remove seeds, cut into large slices and add to the pot with berries. When boiling, continue to cook it over low heat, stirring constantly for about an hour. Carefully pour hot mixture into sterilized jars, seal and label. The jam has a spicy, bitter flavor and is suitable for a variety of savory dishes. Enjoy it with meat, cheese, cake or bread.

Raspberry jam recipe


35 oz (1 kg) raspberries

5 + 1/2 cups (1.2 kg) cane sugar


We recommend choosing the largest and most beautiful raspberries. Put in a bowl layered with sugar and leave it overnight. In the morning, pour the bowl with berries into the pot and cook for 30 minutes on the low heat until the syrup thickens. Carefully pour the hot mixture into sterilized jars, close and label.

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