Cucumber and carrot salad with Chinese dressing

by Kayla Magazine

Cucumber salad with Chinese dressing is always a good choice when you want to eat something in the evening but don’t want heavy food.

Easily digested, carrots contain vitamins C, D, E, B, calcium, iron, magnesium and a lot of carotenes. Sesame seeds are rich in magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin B1 and useful fiber. Sesame seeds are characterized by two unique substances with cholesterol-lowering properties: sesame and sesamolin. As a result, sesame seeds in salads stabilize blood pressure and provide the body with vitamin E.

They are healthy and nutritious. Sesame seeds and oil will give a delicate nutty flavour. Lime juice will add vitamin C to your body. You can also use this cucumber salad dressing recipe to dress other salads or main dishes.




sesame seeds


soy sauce, if you don’t have it just add a pinch of salt

maple or agave syrup, if you don’t have it, use honey or brown cane sugar

cold-pressed unrefined sesame or flaxseed oil

if you like it sharper, you can squeeze a few cloves of garlic, but if you are planning to serve these salads to kids, leave garlic for the next time,

If there is a lack of acid squeeze the lime juice on top


Cut fresh carrots and cucumbers in straws. If you don’t have this type of grating board, buy it and you will make salads quickly and easily with it. Be careful not to cut your fingers when chopping carrot tips, it is sharp. Add a generous portion of sesame seeds. If you don’t have time to roast them, just put them in a bowl of salad that has already been prepared. In a separate bowl add sesame oil, a bit of soy, maple or agave syrup, crushed garlic (if you don’t like spicy, skip it), lime juice if you want some acid. Mix the salad, sesame and sauce well and sprinkle with more sesame seeds on the top. Your salad is ready.

Sometimes I mix the sesame oil with freshly squeezed flaxseed oil. The taste of fresh oil is completely different from those in the stores. You should try it. When I use flaxseed oil, I don’t add soy sauce and use salt instead. It’s a really good combination.

Bon Appetit!


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