12 different deviled egg recipes

by Kayla Magazine

Here are 12 different deviled egg recipes. Choose your favorite one of these combinations.

I used to eat deviled eggs on Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. I remember mom making it even for birthday parties. Deviled egg on Thanksgiving? I’d say yes!! You can’t go wrong with deviled egg. Almost every housewife has her own “unique” recipe, which she always makes for her family. Today I’m sharing my and my mum’s best tried different deviled egg recipes. For Thanksgiving, I suggest you make a large plate of deviled eggs. It’s even better if the family and guests can choose from a few different types. These different deviled egg recipes combos are really easy to throw together with a basic deviled egg yolk mix.

Before making any of these combinations, here’s how to prepare basic deviled eggs:

  1. Hard boil 9 eggs. Peel
  2. Once they’re peeled, slice the hard-boiled eggs in half longways and place the yolks into a medium-size bowl and the whites on your serving dish, hole side up.
  3. Mash the yolks with a fork, add 1/2 cup of mayonnaise and mix until smooth.
  4. Once you have the basic mix, use any of the combinations listed here.
  5. Divide the yolk mixture evenly into the egg whites using a spoon.
  6. Garnish with cilantro, sprouts, parsley, crumbled bacon, caviar or mayo.

Here are 12 different deviled egg recipes:

1. Crab filling: Cut the crab legs and mix with egg yolk mixture. You can also use imitation crab and add sweet corn. Experiment and improvise with your favorite ingredients.

2. Ham filling: Mix egg yolks with diced ham and a bit of finely cut onion. Garnish with dill.

3. Shrimp/ Prawn filling: Mix the egg yolks with grated Parmesan and shrimp.

4. Swiss Cheese filling: Mix grated Swiss cheese with mashed garlic, salt pepper and egg yolks.

5. Sardines filling: Cut smoked brisling sardines (in olive), finely chop a bit onions and mix everything with yolk mass.

6. Avocado filling: Cut the avocado, add fried onions and mix with egg yolks.

7. Salmon filling: Cut wild caught salmon fillet and mix with yolk mass.

8. Mushroom filling: Add your favorite mushroom and mix with egg yolks.

9. Crumbled bacon filling: Add crumbled bacon and mix it with yolks. Add the agave syrup if you like.

10. Carrot filling: Have you ever tried boiled carrots with yolks and mayo? This filling taste kind a sweet and I like it.

11. Chicken pate filling: Add chicken pate, mix with egg yolks. If you like sharper taste, just add Philadelphia cream cheese and mustard. Enjoy!

12. Relish and mustard filling: add relish, a bit of mustard and mix it with egg yolks. Sprinkle smoked paprika on top.


You can make deviled eggs up to 1 day ahead of time. Just keep egg whites and yolk filling separately in sealed containers.

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different deviled egg recipes


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