Riddles for food

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If you like to cook and taste, these riddles for food are for you. Guess what?

Riddles for food: 1. This dessert was created in honor of the Russian prima ballerina, after one of her tours in Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s.

a) Maja;

b) Pavlova;

c) Anastasia.

Riddles for food: 2. The legendary drink of the gods of Olympus preserving eternal youth:

a) ragweed;

b) nectar;

c) mead.

Riddles for food: 3. The world’s most expensive spice used by the world’s finest chefs:

a) vanilla pods;

b) saffron;

c) cardamom.

Riddles for food: 4. The most poisonous, edible fish in the world:

a) fugu;

b) arctic char;

c) piranha.

Riddles for food: 5. In 1510, after the conquest of Mexico, the Spaniards brought this plant to Europe. The Aztecs greatly appreciated this spice, its taste and extraordinary aroma. This exotic orchid blooms briefly, but its scent is very attractive to the butterflies and hummingbirds that pollinate it. People use its fruits for cooking. This spice is called:

a) vanilla;

b) cinnamon;

c) anise.

Riddles for food: 6. One of the most popular French dishes:

a) souffle;

b) baklava;

c) tiramisu.

Riddles for food: 7. Salami is a dry, well-smoked sausage that is one of the most non-perishable products. Its benchmark was Italian salami. What kind of meat is used to make the classic salami?

a) from donkey and mule meat;

b) from horsemeat and veal;

c) pork.

Riddles for food: 8. The French truffles, have immense fame in the kitchen, called kitchen diamonds, are popular to this day. This is:

a) dark chocolate sweets;

b) aromatic mushrooms growing under the tree roots;

c) pastries with cocoa cream filling;

Riddles for food: 9. The most expensive mushrooms in the world:

a) black truffles;

b) white truffles;

c) porcini mushrooms.

Riddles for food: 10. Italian dessert made from cream, gelatin and vanilla sugar:

a) jelly cake;

b) whipped cream dessert;

c) panna cotta.

Riddles for food: 11. The most popular bread in France, a real French pride, that Napoleon’s soldiers carried in their pants:

a) bruschetta;

b) quesadilla;

c) baguette.

Riddles for food: 12. Snack with raw fish, originated in Peru. The fish for this snack must be caught one hour before serving. The dish should always be prepared witfreshest fish possible:

a) guacamole;

b) hummus;

c) ceviche.

Riddles for food: 13. National Swiss dish from the Alpine region, dominated by heated cheese, described in Homer’s Iliad:

a) camembert;

b) fondue;

c) grilled cheese sandwich.

Riddles for food: 14. Spanish smoked sausage made from pork, paprika, and garlic;

a) salami;

b) longaniza;

c) chorizo.

Riddles for food: 15. Healthy and popular Mexican snack made from avocados. It was known back in the 1500s in the Aztec Empire.

a) quesadilla;

b) hummus;

c) guacamole.

Riddles for food: 16. Northern Italian creamy rice dish, cooked with broth.

a) pilaf;

b) paella;

c) risotto.

Riddles for food: 17. Classic Japanese dish, delicacy consisting of raw fish and seafood:

a) ramen;

b) sushi;

c) sashimi.

Riddles for food: 18. Cocktail made with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice, originating in Puerto Rico:

a) pineapple mojito;

b) piña colada;

c) tropical punch.

Riddles for food answers

1. b)

Ana Pavlova was the first prima ballerina to tour around the world. She has visited the USA, Canada, Central America, Japan, China, Burma, India, the Ceylon Islands, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Java and the Philippines. A total of 44 countries and many cities. In 1925, in half a year, she visited 77 cities and gave 238 performances. Dessert named in honor of the ballerina was created in Australia or New Zealand. These countries are still arguing over where this dessert was actually created.

food riddles

2. b)

Nectar. It’s a rich liquid produced by plants in glands called nectarines.

3. b)

Saffron. It’s a spice obtained from collecting stigmas (threads) of dried flowers of Crocus sativus. It’s the world’s most expensive spice by weight. In order to get 500 g of saffron, it is necessary to collect from 100000 to 250000 flowers. The price per kilogram at world’s market is US $5,000 and higher.

food riddles saffron

4. a)

The Japanese delicacy, the fugu fish is the most poisonous edible fish. Liver, brain and eyes is 200 times more deadly than cyanide and hundred times stronger than cobra poison. The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan. Only chefs who have qualified after three or more years of training are allowed to prepare it. This dish costs between 120 and a thousand dollars. If you taste incorrectly prepared fish, it will be the last dish you’ve tasted.

The gourmet’s favorite part is the liver. Here is the highest concentration of poison, but the chefs of the most expensive restaurants are able to remove some of the poison. When the liver is eaten, the tongue tingles, the lips melt and a state of nirvana begins. This can be called a synonym for the drug. This is because people lose their sense of reality, fly in the clouds, and risk experiencing death as a result of these experiences. About 30 people die each year from poisoning.

food riddles

5. a)


6. a)



7. a)

From donkey and mule meat.

8. b)

Truffles – aromatic mushrooms growing under the roots of trees. In written sources, these mushrooms were mentioned as far back as Sumerian times. Always popular and very expensive. It was a favorite of King Francis I of France and his nobles during the Renaissance. Now truffles are popular and known all over the world.

In 1952, in the Calabria region of Italy, inspired by the taste of these mushrooms, the Italians made an ice cream dessert similar to them. It was ice cream of various flavors and frozen raspberries, cherries or strawberries inside. This dessert is also called Tartufo in Italian and Truffles in English. Later, this dessert turned into wonderful chocolate candies.

food riddles

9. b)

White truffles. Truffles are costly because they’re difficult to find, frustrating to grow, and impossible to store for any length of time. Truffles have pheromones, chemical substances that affect animals and insect behavior. They have androstanol, a steroidal pheromone found in humans, and androsterone, which boars produce for mating. Due to the smell pigs were originally used to sniff truffles — they were attracted to a boar pheromone. Specially trained dogs are employed these days, since they don’t gobble up truffles as pigs do.

10. c)

Panna cotta.

food riddles

11. c)


food riddles

12. c)

Ceviche. If you are planning to taste this dish in Peru, choose a reliable restaurant.

shrimp ceviche


13. b)


Swiss fondue


14. c)



food riddles


15. c)

Guacamole. Check out my 4 ingredient guacamole recipe.



16. c)


food riddles


17. c)



18. b)

Piña colada;

food riddles

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