Hollandaise sauce recipe

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Hollandaise sauce

I created this Hollandaise sauce from my own memories. In 2003, I visited a small, country style restaurant in Osnabrück, Germany. I came here with my local friends from Melle. The old wood interior gave the impression of being in an ancient inn, but this impression disappeared quickly.

An elegant waiter, wearing a suit, bowtie and holding a fine towel on his hand took our order. He was gallant as a butler in the castle of a beautiful lady. Our hospitable German friends offered to taste fresh asparagus. I’ve always been into vegetables, but I had no idea what I was eating at the time. Asparagus plate was served with Hollandaise sauce.

My asparagus meal was great, but this hollandaise sauce was the tastiest thing I’ve ever had. Obsessive thought tortured me: “Where can I get this sauce? I need to bring it home, want to feel this pleasure again”.

I remember this taste to this day, I have since tried all classic Hollandaise sauce recipes, but I have made scrambled eggs instead of hollandaise sauce. At least five times. I didn’t give up and decided to do everything my own way. My Hollandaise sauce resembles the one in Osnabruck’s restaurant. This Hollandaise sauce recipe is easy and no-fail. It takes just 10 minutes. If you’ve had eggs Benedict before, you’ve probably enjoyed the rich and buttery Hollandaise sauce. You can make it at home quite easily with the best ingredients.


250 g unsalted butter. For those who can’t tolerate dairy, I recommend shea butter. Look for it in vegan stores. I have been making this sauce with this vegan butter for a while now, the taste is a little bit different. Check if butter contains salt. If it is salted, salt shouldn’t be added to the sauce, otherwise the sauce can be too salty.

3 large free-range egg yolks

1 lime

pinch of salt


• Separate the yolks from the protein. Attach your mixer’s balloon whisk head and start to beat the eggs. Beat until you get a solid pale-yellow mass.

• Squeeze lime juice, add to the yolk bowl and whisk again.

Place the butter in a pot over a low heat, so it starts to melt. When the butter has melted, take it off the heat.

• Turn on your mixer, start to whisk, slowly add heated butter to the egg yolk bowl. Do not turn off your mixer and whisk till all the butter has been incorporated. Otherwise the egg yolks may jump into pieces due to hot butter and Hollandaise sauce will end up as Scrambled eggs. This process should be done slowly. Too fast butter pouring causes the sauce to separate.

• Taste and season with salt. Keep tasting the sauce until the flavor is to your liking. The cooled Hollandaise sauce thickens.

Ways to Get More Hollandaise sauce into Your Life

What is Hollandaise sauce used for? It would be great that you wouldn’t eat it all as a main dish. I took a jar of this sauce to my mom and later asked if she liked it. She replied – I ate it all without adding anything. It’s dangerously delicious. Pour it on 3 min. boiled asparagus. Or make everyone’s favorite Eggs Benedict. A feature of this recipe is that the eggs are boiled without the shell. Put the eggs in a small bowl and carefully pour in a small pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat immediately so that the bubbling water doesn’t damage the eggs.

Remember to cover the lid to keep the heat inside. Boil for about 3 minutes. Boiled egg yolks must be liquid. Benedict’s eggs are served with special buns, but I eat them with white bread. If you like, you can put various combinations of products on your favourite bread: guacamole, crab meat, a piece of salmon or ham, asparagus, sliced ​​tomatoes, shrimps or scallops. Add Hollandaise sauce on top and Bon appetite!

Do not be lazy and find an organic farm before making Hollandaise sauce. Some people don’t see the difference between home and store-bought eggs. I only had to taste once in my life store-bought eggs. The taste is so different. If you want the most delicious dish, it would be the best to use eggs from organic farmed hens.

Hollandaise sauceHollandaise sauceHollandaise sauce

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