Two days on an uninhabited Caribbean Island

by Kayla Magazine

Hi, I’m Kaia. I live on the Caribbean Island of St Barth. On the yacht. Long time ago, probably in 1998, every Saturday night, my whole family gathered to watch TV, the most interesting TV show at the time, Robinson. I impatiently waited for each new series, although it was more than twenty years ago, I still remember perfectly well. The show took place in Malaysia. It was very interesting to discuss with family and friends how those people tried to live there. I am sure that after such shows every person thinks: what would I do on an uninhabited Island? Interesting. I considered the same thing, even wished I could appear on an uninhabited Island in some magical ways.


At the beginning of last week we’ve decided to leave the bay, where we’ve been floating for a while. The plan was to sail to an uninhabited Island for a few days and see what adventures lay ahead. The thought that there will be no internet for two days, no civilization, I won’t be running to buy chips on every occasion because of my emotional eating (which happens to me from time to time) made me feel worried. But I talked to myself and decided to bear all that. After all, that’s the reason I came to the Caribbean: to test myself and get out of the comfort zone as many times as possible. Besides, I remember the little Kaia’s old dream of being thrown ashore! It’s a wonderful opportunity, so we’ve sailed on Friday afternoon.

Caribbean Island


Getting ready for the trip was easy, because one of the best things about living on a yacht, that you don’t have to pack and then unpack things. You are traveling in home, with the house, or name it as you wish, but the bottom line is that you don’t have to carry suitcases with you. You have everything with you, so for me, who usually needs two backpacks with a million things for one day, this option was perfect. All you have to do is to think over all your emotional food crises, because on the Caribbean Island, there will be nothing but fresh fish, lizards and all kinds of crabs. Of course, a small detail – you still have to know how to catch it. The last time when Roy, my friend, tried to catch one-meter lenght shark for dinner – it bit him in the abdomen.

Caribbean Island


We’ve arrived on the Island at about six o’clock in the evening. It will be dark in about thirty minutes. We’ve decided not to stay on a yacht just because it’s dark, as we were ready as real Robinsons, with even two flashlights and a cell phone. We loaded up food and went ashore. There was no need to wait long for the first adventure. Especially for me. I will remind you that I’m an adult woman, but I’m still afraid of the darkness. I don’t like to spend nights alone at home and all of the unfamiliar sounds scare me. Maybe after this trip I will overcome my fears.


There was only a forest of palms and bushes with a mini-trail leading to the middle of the Island when we’ve landed on the main shore. It turns out that the locals (people from the surrounding Caribbean Islands) have already created a real Robinson resort here, so we’ve headed that way. We’ve started walking down the road, then I’ve heard strange sounds of running animals. My heart went throbbing, I thought I was having a heart attack and was ready to run back to the yacht. I was reassured there was just a small palm-sized crabs and half-meter lizards – the size of the palm and some the size of the head. The flashlights discharged unexpectedly and the phone was barely sharing the light. Plus we forgot the charcoal, so it took us a while to light the bonfire. I was almost used to the darkness, the lizards and the crabs, which not only walked around us, but also tried to pinch our feet and after dinner came to gather all the leftovers. We also collected one for the dinner.

Caribbean Island

After dinner, the fire faded away and I laid down on a bench. I was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. I am laying in the middle of the Caribbean and thinking how is it possible… Don’t I need to earn my first million before this? Here, on the uninhabited Island, which I dreamed off while I was watching the Robinson show. All sorts of unusual animals run around me in the darkness that I’m afraid of. I see the sky through the palm branches. No civilization, no passing cars, no noisy neighbours. And then I start to understand how LOUD nature is. Seriously!

When there are no more extraneous, artificial sounds of the city, I realize that an uninhabited Caribbean Island is louder than the city. Nature is alive, only I had no chance to hear it. New sounds are a little intimidating, because I’m not used to them. And by ruining this romantically beautiful picture that you are already drawing after my story, I can say that if you’ve imagined that there is no living soul on an uninhabited Caribbean Island think again, because all those lizards and crabs are very much alive. So I fell asleep with the palm forest beasts.

Caribbean Island

The hardest and worst thing about walking around the Caribbean Island is that there are meadows between the mountains and very strange cacti grow there. Big cacti do nothing, you see and bypass them, but small cacti grow among the meadows, which are very difficult to notice. It’s probably already clear that I stepped on those cacti. The spikes passed straight through my Converse shoe sole and sank into my foot. I would be lying to say it didn’t hurt me. I swore a bit, pulled out the spikes, and walked back to sail. Literally, those cactus meadows looked impressive, but the physical contact wasn’t pleasant.


Speaking of an uninhabited Caribbean Island, it is also worth mentioning the best and worst things I have ever encountered. First there is no internet here, and that is the best brain therapy I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of time to read a book, eat, swim, dive, do whatever I want, instead of scrolling through social media. You don’t need to make any plans on an uninhabited Island. I could be wild and do whatever I want. True, a couple of times I got caught up in paranoia that someone needs me now, if something happened to my loved ones how would they reach me. But I’ve realized that no point worrying as I would not be able to do anything, so I went to do things. I forgot about the existence of the phone after all.


First of all, there are no berries, salads, mushrooms, just seafood that I would be afraid to catch, because of the small sharks sleeping among the rocks. Secondly, I would be going mental without people around me and without communication. I’m a human person. Hanging together and communicating with people is like an air to me, so I would either learn the language of the lizards or get nuts. Thirdly, I don’t know how many nights I would have to sleep on that Island so that I would no longer be afraid of the darkness and strange sounds, so I think that would quickly lead to madness too.

However, I have to admit, that spending a few days on an uninhabited Caribbean Island was very healthy indeed. It restarted my brain and helped me get to know myself better. Could you imagine such an experience?

Caribbean Island Caribbean Island

Caribbean Island

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