Tinder Match turned into the nice story

Guest post: Kaia

by Kayla Magazine

Tinder is an online dating app. Once you download and install the Tinder app, you can anonymously swipe right to like or swipe left to dislike other users photos. How Tinder works? Both users must have swiped right to match before they can exchange messages.

It happened on the 17th July, 2017. This date is made of three sevens and I realized it just now! My life was packed in to two suitcase and I started this Caribbean adventure. At first I traveled to St Barth’s Island for at least six months. When we’ve landed in Paris I had to spend all day in the airport until my flight to Caribbean was due. France always takes special place in my hearth with it’s culture, language and men, so I saw this as a best opportunity to Tinder with French men.

Tinder in Paris

I will fly out tomorrow and won’t have to go dating. I am just curious how handsome they are and would like to check if I met their beauty standards. Would anyone will swipe me to the right.

So… I’ve got so many matches. Yay! I flew away with calm head to the Caribbean. When I arrived in St Barth’s and was so excited that I briefly forgot about Tinder.

Tinder in the Caribbean

I took a look on Tinder only a week later. Maybe it is worth to check what’s going on in the Caribbean itself and make some friends here by Tinder ?! Before starting to check on Caribbean Tinder men, I decided to review all letters fallen in Paris. I was curious, so have checked it all. One guy caught my eye. He was handsome, but much more interesting fact that he was only just 20 km away from me. We matched by Tinder in Paris, and now we were far from that place!

Julien – the best Tinder match from Paris

I was surprised and decided to find out what was going on here so started talking to Julien. It turns out, he lives on a nearby St Martin Island. He flies home several times a year and while I was waiting for my plane to the Caribbean, he came back home in Paris for a week. Ok, let’s say it’s a small coincidence to get together when I’m only a day in Paris, he’s coming back home for two weeks and then on almost the same days flying out to the nearby Caribbean Islands.

More coincidences

Even more interesting coincidence was that for the second week of my stay in the Caribbean, we had decided to sail with a yacht to St Martin Island, for the weekend. It turned out later that, this is the same Island where Julien lived. As you can guess, I immediately flew on a date just after arriving on the Island. Now, I would say that was brave, but then it seemed that I’ve started to live my best Caribbean life!

Date with Julien

During three days of our stay, Julien showed me the whole of St. Martin’s Island, introduced me to his friends. We visited local clubs, tasted Caribbean rum, and felt sympathy to each other. A few weeks later he visited me couple times. Then I sailed to him, then again he. Finally, we coordinated my most serious outing: I had to stay at his family home and visit a restaurant he had set up. We were both looking forward to that long-planned weekend. We hadn’t seen each other 2 or 3 weeks, but all plans were ruined by the upcoming forecasts for Hurricane Irma. We decided it would be wiser to postpone the plans because it was completely unclear if I will have a possibility to return to St Barths at the end of the weekend and go to work on Monday.

Hurricane Irma

We were right. Irma hit so much that I didn’t know anything about Julien for almost two weeks after the hurricane. I didn’t know if he was all right or if he was alive and well. After recovering the connection for about a week and a half, Julien reported that everything was fine for him and his family, only his restaurant was irreparably destroyed and the house was still uninhabited. His family was evacuated to the France and he couldn’t decide what to do with his business.

Flight home

And here was the coincidence again. A few weeks later, when I finally got my flight tickets to Europe, we’ve found out that we had to fly on the same flight to Paris. It turned out later that my situation has been more difficult. Flight to Europe was from St Martin Island, where Julien lived, and the ferries didn’t work yet after the hurricane. I was stuck on St Barth because there was no way to move. Julien flew out. After a few weeks, the situation resolved and I was finally able to fly home. My flight was through Paris.

We finally met

We met with Julien on a small street in Paris. We hugged and stood in silence for a while. We talked about the terrible night of the hurricane, about what nature did and what people lost, what he lost with his family. I was looking straight to his eyes and it hurt my heart so much to hear this story. The most important thing was that we were alive and healthy. We were sitting in a city of love and shared such a short but very strong three-month story. True, we both realized that there is no love between us as a man and a woman, and no need to create common plans.

New life and friendship after Caribbean journey

When I left Paris, the connection didn’t break and we have been in constant communication for more than four years. Julien opened his own restaurant in France and had plans to rebuild his first restaurant in the Caribbean, St Martin Island, next year. I know how important it is to him, how much work and effort it took to recover from the hurricane and make his dream come true again, so I am very proud and happy about it. Julien knows about my new love, how I’m doing and is just as happy for me. I know I have a friend who is always waiting for me like a guest and my house is always open for him too.

When I saw Julien opening his restaurant in the South of France a few days ago on the Facebook wall, it took my breathe away for a minute. For any human, this seems like exciting news, because a young person is starting his own business! For people who have been around it and know the story, it means a little more than just opening a restaurant.

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