St Martin Island – my first yacht trip

Guest post: Kaia

by Kayla Magazine

Last Thursday I went on my first yacht trip from St Barth to St Martin’s Island. The distance is about thirty kilometers. Sailing at a speed of 20 NM/h and breaking the waves, we reached our destination in two hours. Before the trip my fears had come back and all I could think of was: “whether I’ll be seasick or not”. One thing is to stay near ashore and the other is to sail between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Our journey went smooth.

My first yacht trip

I sat on the edge of the deck in the shade with my legs hanging overboard and watched birds diving into the sea, catching fish. I was watching uninhabited Islands as we were getting closer to St Martin Island. There was a strange sense of happiness, freedom and fulfillment. Suddenly the captain called me and brought me back to reality.

– Come, I will teach you how to drive a yacht, just in case anything unexpected happens.

– What? Whwhwhaaat…What do you mean if something happens? What can happen here?

Within seconds, my imagination began to create the scariest scenarios. We started to learn how to operate a yacht and all my fears disappeared. I realised I need to concentrate to be able to hear and understand what I need to do. It might seem easy to turn the steering wheel on a yacht, but to understand the radars which indicate where a rock protrudes is a different kettle of fish. Each machine has a small flaw. It means you have two options: either you watch closely without distractions each column or your yacht will end like Titanic. My first trip on a yacht went great. We have arrived to St Martin Island. Ahoy.

St Martin Island

St Martin Island

It’s much bigger than St Barth. St Martin Island is 95 km2. And different. It’s divided into two sides. Dutch side has an intense nightlife. Casinos, clubs and drinks made with St Martin Island’s rum-based guavaberry liquors. The French side is known for its nude beaches and French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. English is the most commonly spoken language on St Martin Island, with a local dialect. You can use public buses to reach different places. These buses are very popular transport options for visitors staying on St Martin Island. Neighbouring islands include St Barth (French), Anguilla (British), Saba (Dutch), Statia (Dutch), St. Kitts. All of these islands are easily visible on a clear day from St Martin. St Martin Island is known as the best shopping port in the Caribbean. You can visit the West Indies shopping mall. We bought goods we needed as well here.

St Martin Island is really beautiful. You can see wonderful views of the sea and lakes while driving serpentines. I have never seen such beautiful landscapes.

Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay
panoramic view
Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay
St Martin Island
Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay
St Martin Island
Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay
Image by Nadine Doerlé from Pixabay

The trip back

After we have visited St Martin Island, we sailed home to St Barth. It might sound strange to call St Barth home, as we live on a yacht and we are always home wherever we go. The return cost me a lot more effort. The captain said that the sea was as calm as a lake, but from my perspective it was the worst storm. The yacht literally was crashing into the waves, things inside were moving around and crashing on the ground. I saw for the first time how powerful the ocean can be. My panic button turned on. I got seasick, sat near the side of the yacht and didn’t move for a good few hours.

Anyway, in a situation like this, I had to become hysterical, at least panic and cry, but I tried to calm down emotionally and it really helped. During the last half an hour of our trip I recovered and even helped to moor our yacht.

I feel as a hero

New inexperienced things are sometimes intimidating. It’s scary to get over yourself, but the adrenaline is pushing forward, so I’d be lying if I’d say I don’t want to sail to other Islands anymore. I came here to try myself, and I’m doing quite well so far. More about yacht living adventures read here.

St Martin Island

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