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Guest post: Kaia

by Kayla Magazine

Have you ever dreamed about living on an Island surrounded by crystal blue waters such as St Barth?  Life is full of surprises and it does not matter if they are good or bad. They are life lessons and experiences. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of people who dared to sell their homes and quit jobs to travel to exotic countries to live. I envied their courage and dreamed that one day I will do the same. And this day has come. I’ve received an offer to pack my goodies into 30 kg and move to St Barths Island in the Caribbean. It is obvious – just say Yes!


However, those who have moved to another country at some point in their lives know that it is not an easy option. It took me a year and a half to make friends in United Kingdom, discover new favourite places, to get used to a completely different work and humor culture. One thing is to work somewhere for a summer vacation while you are a student and another thing when you are moving to another country without a ticket back. I needed to make a decision again and it made chaos in my heart and brain – WHAT TO DO?


I didn’t want to discuss this matter with my loved ones, because I knew I had to decide it myself. Later, tired of the confusion in my mind, I’ve asked for an advice from the most important people to me. The most common question was: what about your career? Not about the opportunities, new experiences, live life while you are young, but about the MONEY. Their point was you can only travel once you have a substantial amount of money in your account. Really? The truth is that money making often ends up buying a new car, an appartment or other things. It was not for me. I wanted to enjoy my life and explore the beauty of the world.


My decision was mainly influenced by one of Paul Coelho‘s books that fell into my hands at the right time. I’ve always knew that books and movies are born from the lives of people who exist in real life.  I liked the stories of people who make strange decisions in their lifes and find themselves this way. Changing status on a Facebook: “married,” “engaged,” “new baby,” is really confusing and sometimes makes me feel weird. But the book reminded me that I should not compare people’s lives or be amused by their actions. So after many deliberation, I found the courage to say YES.

st Barth


I am a shopoholic, always in eternal stress. No one understands why I have so many things on my mind. Living on a small St Barth Island, without big Malls, huge city bustle, and most importantly – on a yacht only with solar energy, without a hot shower, but with 30 degrees and sunshine every day will be the biggest challenge in my life…


St Barth is a small 25 km2 Island in the Caribbean and it belongs to France. St Barthélemy or St Barth is known as an Island of celebrities and rich paradise. The Island is often visited by cruise ships and yachts. There are no direct flights to St Barth Island. Landing at the nearby St Martin Island, you will have to fly another 15 minutes by small plane. Landing on St Barth is one of the shortest in the world, so if you’re afraid of a sudden landing choose a ferry.

St Barth

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St Barth is a very small Island, so there is not much living space here. The choice of rental places is limited . You can choose from Le Toiny St. Barth, Eden Rock, Le Sereno, Cheval Blanc, Le Guanahani or just find a villa on or Rental prices start from 160 eu per night. Some people just buy a yacht and live in it. I am one of those lucky people who don’t need to pay the rent or buy a yacht to live there.

Food prices are higher than anywhere else i know. Due to poor St Barth Island soil, agriculture is poorly developed. Food is imported from the surrounding areas. Stores are full of ECO and BIO products as most of the locals choose healthier lifestyle. I like this.

You won’t find fast fashion clothing stores on the St Barths Island. Dolce Gabanna, Prada and other fashion houses are located in here. Asos and Amazon will not deliver goods here as well. You can allways find elegant things in private hotel clothing stores. For me it is pricy, but people living on an island don’t mind that.

St barthrentalsrentals

If you want to buy real estate on St Barth, you must have a considerable amount ready. The simplest 61 sqft  apartments cost 1,800,00 €. A tiny two-bedroom villa with three acres of land and a small pool costs 4,500,000 €.


St Barth is home to about 9,000 people. Everyone knows each other here as they meet each other at least hundred of times in largest grocery store. When greeting, don’t forget to kiss in French – men or women are greeted kissing on both cheeks.

You probably won’t meet ordinary tourists here. Saint Barthélemy Island is one of the most luxurious and expensive Islands in the Caribbean. Photo shoots of Victoria’s Secret Angels are often held on the beaches. You can see movies or music stars walking down the street. Hollywood stars choose St Barth because no one comes to take pictures or talk, so they feel like ordinary people here.

My life is different now. And not just because of turquoise Caribbean sea. I live on a yacht. Story about sea desease and yacht living adventures read here.


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