Cold and flu recovery tips

by Kayla Magazine

Winter is here, so we would like to share tips for quick and effective healing from the Common Cold, or Flu. If you feel weak, have no strength, your head is heavy, nose is runny, these may be the first signs of a cold. For some, the cold goes away very easily in a few days, for others it can become a long ordeal, spending a week or even longer in bed. Today, you’ll learn how to recover quick: in a day or two, and feel better. Through work and worries we often forget ourselves, so if you feel unwell, don’t wait for the disease to “enter”. Start taking care of yourself now.

1. Fill your bath with warm water. Add 1kg of salt. Add 250g of Epsom salt, if you have it. Actually it’s a magnesium sulfate. It will replenish your body with magnesium. Spend at least 45 minutes in the bath, preferably an hour in the morning and evening. If you do not have magnesium, plain salt will also work. If you feel pressure in your chest, take salt baths three times a day.

2. If you cough and have chest pain, add eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil to the bath water.

3. Apply Dead Sea mud on your chest, neck, throat and back, the area where the liver and kidneys are, and leave it for 10-15 minutes. This mud detoxifies and replenishes the body with a variety of minerals and vitamins. Apply after lying in a warm bath for 15 minutes. The pores of the skin will open and the effect will be stronger.

4. Relax and don’t use a mobile phone while you’re in the bathroom.

5. Squeeze apple, lime and ginger juice together. Ginger thins the blood, helps fight cold, viruses and bacteria, frees the liver, kidneys and all elimination pathways from toxins. Add ¼ of the juice to the cup of water. Drink several times a day. If you have a sore throat and cough, gargle and drink undiluted juice. The pain will go away for a while. When a new coughing attack occurs, gargle again and so on until the disease goes away. Do not use ginger if you are taking blood thinners.

6. Squeeze the quince juice and keep it in the fridge. In case of cold, put a spoonful of organic honey in warm (it is important not to be hot) water, add ¼ cup of quince juice. If you do not have quince juice, lime (green lemon) juice will work fine. Tea will be acidic, but this will replenish your body with antioxidant vitamin C, which will help your body heal faster and fight the ailment.

7. While you feel ill, follow the rule: no sweets, flour and dairy products. Bacteria and fungi feel great and multiply if these products are used. Avoid meat and eggs. It thickens your blood and makes it more difficult for your body to clear itself, get rid of toxins, mucus and recover faster. Eat only fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables.

8. If you have the opportunity take a walk through the forest. We do not recommend going to the park which is situated in a highly polluted city with many telecommunication towers. It will not help you to feel better. Walk in the forest for at least 45 minutes. The forest must be further away from the city. Fresh air and coniferous phytonicides will lift your mood and improve your well-being. The common cold will go away faster.

9. Immediately after you start coughing, drink marigold tea. Marigold destroys Streptococcus and Staphylococcus bacteria, which are often the cause of inflammation and coughing. A teaspoon of honey and freshly squeezed lime juice are also welcome in your tea as well. Honey acts as an antiseptic and a source of various beneficial substances for the body. After all, beekeepers tend to live the longest.

We wish you good health and a sunny mood!

The content provided in this article is provided for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice and consultation, including professional medical advice and consultation; it is provided with the understanding that Kayla Magazine is not engaged in the provision or rendering of medical advice or services.

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